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Deploy on a Local Machine

Before You Begin

This guide requires that you have created a Conduit project. If not, please refer to the first part of the Tutorial.


  1. Create a local database.
  2. Upload the application schema to the local database.
  3. Add an OAuth 2.0 client.
  4. Modify the configuration file.
  5. Run the application.

Step 1: Create a Local Database

Create a database with the same name as your application and a user that can access that database. Run the following SQL locally with a user that has privileges to create databases.

ALTER USER app_name_user WITH PASSWORD 'yourpassword';
GRANT ALL ON DATABASE app_name TO app_name_user;

!!! warning "dart_test database" Do not use the name 'dart_test' for the database; this database is used by Conduit to run tests by default.

Step 2: Upload the Application Schema

If you have not yet created database migration files for your project, run the database schema generation tool from the project directory:

conduit db generate

This command creates the file migrations/00000001_initial.migration.dart. Now, run the database migration tool to execute the migration file against the local database. Ensure that the values for the option --connect match those of the database created in the last step.

conduit db upgrade --connect postgres://app_name_user:yourpassword@localhost:5432/app_name

(Note that you may provide database credentials in a file named database.yaml instead of using --connect. See conduit db --help for details.)

Step 3: Add an OAuth 2.0 client.

If you are using package:conduit_core/managed_auth, you'll want to create an OAuth2 client identifier. From the command line, run the following, ensuring that the values for the option --connect match the recently created database.

conduit auth add-client --id com.app_name.standard --secret abcdefghi --connect postgres://app_name_user:yourpassword@localhost:5432/app_name

Step 4: Modify the Configuration File

If config.yaml doesn't exist, create it by copying the configuration file template config.yaml.src.

In config.yaml, update the database credentials to the local database.

 username: app_name_user
 password: yourpassword
 host: localhost
 port: 5432
 databaseName: app_name

Step 5: Run the Application

From the project directory, run:

conduit serve

Your application is now running. You may also run the generated start script in your project's bin directory:

dart bin/main.dart

If you restart the application, the data in your database will remain.