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Database access

Conduit's ORM stores data in database tables and maps table rows to Dart objects.

You declare subclasses of ManagedObject<T> in your application code to define the database tables your application uses. The properties of these types have annotations like Column and Validate to customize the behavior of tables in your database.

Your application creates a ManagedContext service object during initialization that manages database access for your application. This service is injected into controllers that make database queries.

Instances of Query<T> are created to insert, update, read and delete data from a database. A Query<T> has many configurable options for filtering, joining, paging, sorting and performing aggregate functions on database rows.

The conduit db command-line tool manages databases that your application connects. This tool creates and executes migration scripts that update the schema of a database to match the requirements of your application.

The minimum version of PostgreSQL needed to work with Conduit is 9.6.