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Conduit is a fork from Stablekernel's Aqueduct webserver framework. The project originally split off when null-safety was introduced as a feature in Dart. Stablekernel elected to discontinue development for Aqueduct and a community effort began to resurrect the framework as Conduit.

Getting Started

For an educational experience read the Core Concepts page while working through the tutorial. If you simply need to start up a project quickly, you can use templates to deploy servers with authentication and database logic already implemented. For additional information about Conduit read the API Reference.

Conduit is catered towards test-driven development - the best way to write an application is to write tests using a test harness and run those tests after implementing an endpoint. You may also run the command conduit document client in your project directory to generate a web client for your application. This client can be opened in any browser and will execute requests against your locally running application.