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Creating Conduit Applications

The conduit create command-line tool creates applications from a template. The usage is:

conduit create app_name

The application name must be snake_case - all lower case, no spaces, no symbols other than `_`.

By default, a generated project is fairly empty - it has the minimal content, but the structure of a complete application. For applications that use Conduit's ORM or OAuth 2.0 behavior, extended templates exist. These can be listed with the following:

conduit create list-templates

To pick a template, add the -t option to conduit create. For example, the following uses the db template:

conduit create -t db app_name

The templates are located in the Conduit package under examples/templates. When creating a new project from a template, the tool copies the contents of one of the template directories into your current working directory and substitutes some names with your project name.